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GP World - Freezer bags & plastic bags

GP World produces mainly freezer bags and plastic bags for households and has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing high quality products in the segment. The production consists of new state-of-the-art production lines and is located in North Macedonia. We focus on environmental issues and have an eco-friendly concept. We use green electricity and transportation that uses only fossil-free fuel. Our products are sold only under the customer's own brand - private label.

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Customer focus

We have open and close communication with our suppliers and customers. We want to continuously improve cooperation and products. GP World works on the basis of current legislation with a focus on minimizing the impact on the environment and contributing to long-term and sustainable development. We manufacture products with short delivery times and have high delivery reliability. We stand for flexible manufacturing in terms of design, delivery and quantity with a high level of service to the customer. GP World transports and delivers fossil-free (greenline production).

Products in environmentally friendly polyethylene

We manufacture products in the most environmentally friendly plastic - LLDPE Borealis Brushes. Polyethylene is suitable for packaging because it is flexible and recyclable. When burned, polyethylene emits carbon dioxide and water. Below are a number of products, including from our production of freezer bags, which can be ordered according to the customer's wishes.

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High quality bags on a roll

Production of various high quality and durable bags. The products are made of polyethylene.

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Our freezer bags extend the shelf life of food.

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Our eco-smart freezer bags extend the shelf life of food and protect the environment.

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Practical and durable waste bags

garbage bags gp world


Thick and durable garbage bags for all types of waste.



Heavy-duty three-layer bags with a double-welded bottom.

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Hard-wearing, durable and odor-proof dog bags on a roll.

Towards a more sustainable future

We are convinced that plastic can make the world safer and healthier for everyone if we use it properly. Energy for production, choice of raw materials and recycling are very important elements for a cyclical economy and environmental sustainability.

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Raw materials

We are continuously working to increase the use of renewable and recycled raw materials...

reduce, reuse and recycle plastics


Plastic can be reused and processed several times. GP World recycles almost 100% of its waste...

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About plastics

The flexibility, strength, lightness and stability of plastic packaging make it an ideal packaging material....

Transport and logistics

We provide an integrated transportation and logistics solution between our production facility in North Macedonia and our warehouse in Malmö. This solution optimizes the efficiency of our supply chain. We also offer direct delivery to your warehouse if needed.

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