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Made of renewable raw materials

We work continuously to increase the use of renewable and recycled raw materials, while maintaining the excellent technical properties of packaging films. We are constantly testing new material alternatives for plastic film made from renewable raw materials with the goal of supporting the circular economy and contributing to a more sustainable planet.

Reduced climate impact through a combination of raw materials

By combining fossil-based plastics with recycled and recyclable raw materials, we can tailor your packaging film to your packaging needs and reduce the film’s wedge food impact. It benefits everyone, your product, our company and the planet! GP World AB closely monitors the technical development of new renewable raw materials and the corresponding commercial development in chemical recycling. The more they both develop, the easier it will be for us to produce a wider range of climate-neutral films.

Alternative raw materials

  • Fossil based
  • Recycled
  • Bio-based
  • Degradable
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